A simple "I do," a joyous pledge of profound significance, the start of a new era. For every couple, the wedding marks the beginning of their own special odyssey. And always there to accompany them on their journey like a trusted companion is, of course, the wedding ring.

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Wedding rings are a centuries-old symbol of love and partnership. The couple pledges to remain devoted and faithful and to care for one another, expressing this promise with a wedding ring. The wedding ring will accompany them for life. It's circular shape symbolizes completeness, infinity and beauty.Aside from the wedding dress, the ring is surely the most important object involved in a wedding. So take a good look at our collection, and choose the ring that offers you the best quality, the right design and the most comfortable fit.Christian Bauer has been making wedding rings for over five generations. Our work is crafted from only the finest materials, with real joy and loving attention to detail. We offer an attractive selection of masterfully crafted rings with the most exquisite designs. Let your love express itself with your very own, personal wedding ring at Christian Bauer! Each of our wedding rings is a unique piece and is produced in different metal alloys.What will you choose – moon-white platinum, warm gold or shimmering palladium? Will your wedding ring have a single stone or several sparkling gems? We let you choose freely from various combinations of precious metals and diamonds, giving your wedding ring its own unique play of colors. And multi-colored wedding rings can also be ordered in a single color. To make it truly personal, we can engrave your ring either by laser or by hand.See what emotions our wedding rings inspire in you, and experience their superior quality in our gallery. You can have our free wedding ring catalog sent to you at any time. Visit one of our selected jewelers or specialized dealers to experience the incomparable beauty of Christian Bauer wedding rings and see which ring is right for you. With you for life.